Here and There

Dream Vacation in Europe   305 East 86th Street, 36 inch. x 30 inch., $750   Building a Snowman, 24 inch. x 18 inch., $350

Death in the Summer House, 20 inch. x 15 inch., $200   Smile, 30 inch. x 40 inch., $500   If we Don't Take Care of Today ..., 36 inch. x 24 inch., $350

Miami Beach-3D, 36 inch. x 32 inch. $600   Raining Cats and Dogs, 24 inch. x 18 inch., $500   Waiting For My Ship To Come In

Beliefs, fantasies, and experiences are the essence of my paintings. My heavily detailed street scenes, caricature-like portraits with personalized backgrounds, lush landscapes, breathtaking seascapes, and tropical paradises include meaningful messages within beautiful surroundings.

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