The Gypsy

Colin was told he was lucky
To have such a wonderful life.
If not for Jenny and Peter,
His life would be riddled with strife.
Jenny and Peter couldn’t have kids
As they were too old when they wed,
But they had a friend who got them a child
Who they adopted, instead.
This friend was a social worker
Whose client gave birth to a son.
The client did not want her baby.
She left him, and went on the run.
Jenny and Peter loved Colin.
They raised him like he was their own.
They gave him the best they could offer.
Their devotion for Colin was known.
But all through high school and college,
Colin questioned his roots.
He wanted to know where he came from,
But didn’t want any disputes.
When they told him about his adoption
His folks had little information.
They had no idea who his real parents were and
Felt bad that this caused him vexation.
Colin often had daydreams
Of who his real parents might be.
But each time he brought up the subject,
He seemed ungrateful, which made him feel guilty.
So rather than hurt those who raised him,
He kept his thoughts to himself.
His secret desire to find his real mom
For the moment he placed on the shelf.
Colin became an attorney
His specialty was in divorce.
He did quite well ‘til a client’s ex wife
Came to him to show her remorse;
She took out a small, loaded pistol
And aimed it at Colin’s broad chest.
He ducked, too late to avoid getting hit.
The bullet passed right through his vest.
The bullet lodged in his kidney.
The prognosis wasn’t too good.
That kidney had to be removed at once,
The other, they’d save, if they could.
After a while, Colin went back to work;
He thought that his health had improved.
Then suddenly Colin collapsed with sharp pain,
So bad, he couldn’t be moved.
He needed a kidney transplant.
There was no alternative.
Unless a qualified donor was found,
Colin was guaranteed not to live.
Because he had a rare blood type,
There was a chance of infection
Unless the donor had blood just like his,
The new kidney would face rejection.
Peter and Jenny weren’t a match.
Sadly, they had to sit by
As Colin got sicker and sicker.
They prayed that he wouldn’t die.
They advertised in the newspapers,
For blood and kidney donors,
But what was offered could not be used
Even from strong, healthy owners.
Then, just as Colin was very near death,
A woman, who seemed rather tipsy
Came in to offer her kidney and blood.
She was a Hungarian Gypsy.
They gave her a blood test and lo and behold
Her blood proved to be the right type,
So they prepped her for a transfusion,
As Colin was never so ripe.
Her blood gave Colin the strength that he needed
To go through with the operation.
Her kidney was just the right kind and,
In Colin, showed full cooperation.
After Colin recovered
He wanted to thank all concerned.
Number one on his list was the gypsy
Whose whereabouts he quickly learned.
He located her in her parlor
Gazing at her crystal ball.
She looked up and said with a smile,
“What took you so long to call?”
Colin explained that it took time to heal;
That he waited until he felt better.
He wanted to thank her for her gift of life,
In person, instead of by letter.
What the gypsy said next was confusing.
She said: “this is not the first time
That I’ve given the gift of life to you, child.
I’ve watched over your hard life climb.”
“I’ve known all about your frustration
In finding out more of your past,
But knew that you needed a solid foundation
So happiness would always last.”
“I wanted you to have a future
Where you’d have a chance to succeed;
And all the advantages I couldn’t give
Because of the life that I lead.”
“So go give your parents a hug and a kiss
With the knowledge that you’ve met no other
Than the one who loved you enough to let go.
Be free now, you’ve met your real MOTHER.”

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