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Another Dimension –  Open a window of the imagination to look in or look out and wonder about the inner spirit of those individuals portrayed, together or apart, as they enter a dimension of pleasure or leave a dimension of pain. 

getting rid of baggage croppedMany of my works include my vision of a guardian angel, an illusive image of an all-knowing spirit taking the form of a face in a cloud or a figure swinging from a rainbow hovering above to watch over and keep “souls-in-need” from life’s harm.The Shore As I would Like It 300 dpi

My paintings have been shown in: America’s Folk Heritage Gallery, NYC; “Eight Woman Show”–Interart St. Amand Gallery, NYC; Galerie Bonheur, Greenwich, CT; Cuban Museum, Miami, FL; Gallery: Why Not?, Miami Beach, FL; “Two Person Show”–Amdur Gallery, Miami Beach, FL; Gallery of the Eccentric, Coral Gables, FL; Sokolsky Gallery, Miami Beach, FL; “Portraits”–Metro Dade Library, Miami, FL; “A Salute to Outstanding Florida Artists”–State Capitol Building, Tallahassee, FL; The Sher Gallery, Aventura, FL; South Florida Art Picks, Miami Beach, FL; Strata of Life 1Miami Beach City Hall; The Stephen P. Clark Government Center, Miami, FL; The Capital Children’s Museum, Washington, D.C.; The New York Public Library, NYC; The North Miami Public Library, No. Miami, FLFrolicking in the waves 1 300rpi

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